it's the most miserable time of the year


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here's another christmas album about another rough year.

special thanks to Kowloon in Saugus, MA for giving me and my friends a fun christmas eve every year. also special thanks to my family and my friends, close and in passing, for keeping me relatively sane this past year. your support means more to me than you may ever really know.

happy holidays


released December 22, 2015

mike nevin - everything

all songs written by mike nevin except for "all i want for christmas is you" written by mariah carey and walter afanasieff



all rights reserved


THE AUX Boston, Massachusetts

my name is mike nevin. leaner, saccharine, and cowboy boy are bands that i play in. this is my solo project. sometimes i release songs, sometimes i release sounds. this is where you will find any/all of those things.

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Track Name: christmas alone
it's christmas again
and i still have no girlfriend
i really thought this year would be much different
but so it goes
another year, no mistletoe
i hope it snows so i can lay on white cement

what'd i do to you saint nick?
every time you come around i feel like shit
who am i kidding? i feel this way all year
so why do i waste so much time hung up on holiday cheer?
i guess i'll never know
it's just another christmas alone

-rock guitar solo-
Track Name: holiday spirits
-rock guitar lead-

i'm feeling lonelier than ever
it doesn't feel like winter yet
but i know it will snow
and get cold as before
and santa might as well just bring me coal
because this year i've been a fucking dumbass
even making this song is putting off
other things i need to do
and i'm so fucking screwed
i think i'll just sulk around with holiday booze

christmas eve i'm getting drunk with my friends
christmas day i'm with my brother and parents
christmas night i'm getting drunk again
with all my friends
i guess that's how this year has been
the only difference now is sleigh bells ring

-rock guitar lead-

i'm drinking holiday spirits and beers
it's 60 degrees on christmas this year
how am i supposed to feel holiday cheer?
i don't know what to get
my family for their presents
and i still wish that i had a girlfriend

it really sucks that i feel bad on christmas
cuz to be honest i really love it
my dad makes an awesome christmas mix
i've got a song on it
this year i did that
that is sick
i guess this whole year wasn't total shit
Track Name: ode to loonmas
every year on december 24th
after all the last minute shopping stores are closed
i go home and drink my dads whiskey alone and wrap up my gifts
but as it gets later, i feel my excitement build
and it's not for the presents

oh loonmas
it's when we go to a restaurant
with all types of asian food and drinks
merry loonmas
Kowloon is a restaurant in
Saugus Massachusetts
christmas eve we have good times
and drink a whole lot of mai tais
its always a nice surprise
merry loonmas to all and to all a very loon night

-rock guitar solo-

i've been feeling worse than ever this past year
i don't know what's been different, but i know what keeps me here
it's my family that i love so much
my friends that keep me sane
and christmas eve is the best night, i really can't complain

at loonmas
i don't care about anything
when i'm there with my friends
fuck yeah
merry loonmas
Kowloon is that restaurant on
route 1 kinda near the mall

i don't care if i get coal
as long as we split some scorpion bowls
Kowloon is so decently priced
merry loonmas to all and to all a very loon night